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Graphic Design

Ways to Stand Out as a Graphic Designer

typo Jun 15

A graphics designe can work on a variety of projects, ranging from print magazines to creating catchy websites. Although having a good work ethic in any job is important, media graphics designers must have a few other characteristics if they want to be successful and respected in the industry. Being a good media graphics designer is especially important if you choose to freelance, since it will be up to you to make a name for yourself.

Attention to Detail

When a company hires a media graphics designer, they may want to create a variety of tools to promote themselves, ranging from advertisements, brochures, flyers or websites. Making sure that layouts are even, well-spaced for easy reading and not cluttered with information is essential in catching a consumers eye. The average person is bombarded with advertisements each day, so creating a piece that stands out is essential for any business. Being sloppy with your work will earn a bad reputation, but taking extra time to make sure designs are to the clients satisfaction will ensure positive feedback.

Analytical skills

When you are hired by a company to create a graphic design, knowing the audience for which you create and promote your work to is vital to your success. Layout, typography and colors may all depend on the business you are creating a design for, as well as the audience. Knowing a variety of desktop publishing tools will also help you stand out as a media graphics designer. Since new programs are always coming out, staying current with technology and applications is important to being relevant in graphic design. Creating a portfolio with various design concepts will also help you find new work, especially when you are able to show your diversity among other potential graphic designers. Communication skills are very necessary as a graphic designer, because you need to market yourself in order to get more work, take the information from a client that you need to create a design, and be willing to hear feedback on your work.


As a graphics designe, it is important to always look at designs and know what you like, and what you don’t. Be aware of designs in magazines, online, and different forms of advertisements so you can use them for inspirations with your own designs. In your off time, spend it practicing on creating new design styles so that you can add it to your repertoire. While it is important to be diverse in your design aesthetic, it is also ideal to have a ‘signature’ style to set yourself apart in the design industry.